Welcome To Colorizing Interiors – Design that reflects your lifestyle

Color can produce magic….yes, literally magic..for color can change your moods, your desires, and actually give you peace and tranquility as well as stimulate your senses. Using the proper colors can make a small space appear larger as well as smaller…and yes, even lower ceilings. A room of creams and beiges may need something stark and shiny or bright. We may add intense color to bring personality or to make a space more exciting…

Often we use the client’s existing furniture by simply recovering or refinishing it, especially when the client is attached to the piece(s).

I have been in the design world for many years and have always listened carefully to what my clients’ needs are. Design should reflect their lifestyle, creating their sense of wellbeing by using functional, aesthetically appealing furniture and environmentally considerate materials. Floor coverings and window treatments are most important as well, for what is under your feet, surely makes one feel grounded, and what is on the windows gives a sense of security and style.

We are not bound to express our surroundings in one color or another, but simply to use tones because a neutral palette may have hundreds of shades…giving one hundreds of choices and opportunities to make ourselves and our surroundings “Feel Good!”

Choosing colors, fabrics, furniture, window coverings and space planning with certainty is what my job is all about…designing spaces that allow my clients to reach for their dreams of comfort while providing them with functionality and a state of serenity.

Please review the photos of our work and if you have any questions, contact me for more information, or fill out the contact page

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