Colorizing Interiors is comprised of a Mother/Daughter Tucson interior design team, Bobbi Mandelbaum and Jill Rollin  that began in 1985.

Bobbi started designing model homes for Embassy Construction  back in the 1970’s which at that time was the “family” business.  Jill loved to tag along and soon became interested enough to work along side Bobbi while completing an Tucson interior Design Degree from the U of A.

The mother/daughter duo continued to design model homes, restaurant interiors, furniture Tucson, and commercial spaces. The majority of the work being in private residential interior design.

We pride ourselves on “putting the client first”!

After all it is “you” our client that is living in the space that we are designing for.  We believe that if we are truthfully listening to our clients needs and desires then we will be successful in creating a space that represents our clients. It’s what sets us apart as interior designers in Tucson.

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