Furnishings & Accessories

Welcome to our team

A well composed home isn’t about perfect symmetry, it is about a beautiful balancing act……..
A work in progress, is truly a design in motion! We are here to accompany you on your journey to set the mood or ambiance for your home. We believe, it is all about expression, your expression and how you envision your space.

We encourage you to live in your space with the intention of being relaxed and comfortable. Surrounding yourself with items that bring you pleasure can be so exciting, and will set the mood for your rooms.

We encourage you to select from the entire spectrum of furnishings. Choosing anything you like as long as it reflects your mood.

  • Eclectic
  • Contemporary
  • Country
  • Traditional
  • Western
  • Casual

Casual is comfortable, while traditional is also comfortable, it is a blending of the past, and a melding of the best from the past. If you determine eclecticism is your style of design that does give you quite a bit of latitude. You may embrace many different periods and styles, all having the same quality allows them to be compatible. Using a Contemporary upholstery fabric to freshen up an older piece of period furniture brings interest to the space.

Your accessories reflect your personal interests. Old photos, antique glass, beautifully woven baskets from another country or a Native American collection of pottery, shows off your individual interests.

Old rugs and old family silver, always brings the feeling of nostalgia. Art is always very personal, non-objective art to the classics, whatever your preference…that is what sets your mood! Your journey is our adventure …and our promise to show you how to enjoy a comfortable, relaxing environment of your choice.