Bobbi Mandelbaum, Interior Designer

Arriving here in Tucson, I immediately fell in love with the amazing sunsets and the desert around me. Having been born in Chicago, it was difficult  adjusting to the small town.  However, it didn’t take much time before I fell in step with my new found friends here in the old pueblo and began to make a most rewarding life for myself.

My passion for indoor landscaping has remained with me for as long as I can remember. So naturally I find working with plants exceptionally relaxing.

I have practicing meditation for many years and start each new day with a meditation. Staying balanced and being aware and in touch with my inner self presents a pathway to life that allows me to listen not only to my inner voice but to my family, friends and clients. Listening is most important. Understanding people’s wants and needs can only be determined through listening. Our clients want to know that we are capable of presenting to them the design that fits their lifestyle, and comfort level.

I have been most successful in completing this picture for my clients with that very special gift of  “listening.” The power of listening is most gratifying. Let us listen to your needs for a new environment.

There is no job too small and every client is an important one. Come explore new possibilities using color, and express your true self.

Given the opportunity, I will strive to create your design that reflects your lifestyle.