Color can change your life

July 19th, 2013 by goadmin in Accent Colors, Designer Tips

You share your design desires with us——-we will share our styling secrets and experience with you.

Color is our topic today and every day, since the name of our business is “colorizing interiors” we would like to introduce you to “the language of color”.

The language of color is after all a way to express one’s self. The prime factor is to bring about a fresh lift of Spirit to the clients upon entering their rooms. When using color there are considerations, firstly though, remember color does reflect personality and that is so important to understand. There are other considerations as well, like the size of the rooms, ceiling height and exposure all of which have a bearing on the selections of your colors.

Tricks using color

Color can perform magical deeds in camouflaging and rejuvenating parts of your home or the entire home. Do you find yourself thinking”:

  • Is my ceiling too high?
  • How can I make my small room feel larger?
  • Is my sofa too small or is my table to large?

Where to use color

There is no set rule as to which part of the home should have the greatest accent of colors. Floors, walls, window coverings, furniture, lamps or pendants, are all strategic points on which color can be focused. Color can also be emphasized in paint on wall coverings even in upholstery.

One color should not be used throughout. We believe a contrast of harmonious blending of several colors will bring about an interesting character to the house.

Please don’t experiment hastily with color schemes….it can be costly. Always, use large sample boards with your desired colors so that you can envision how your walls will look.

Remember, “Color can change your life”; let us help you find your comfort zone with color!!

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